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Enjoy all benefits of TOYOTA diplomatic sales program. This program is available only for diplomats serving in Serbia. Special conditions and tax exemption. Complete range of TOYOTA vehicles and purchase with privileged conditions that can be achieved through TOYOTA diplomatic sales

Choose your car

  • GR Supra

    2.0L Single Twin Scroll Turbo, 3.0L Single Twin Scroll Turbo,
    Grades: ICON, SPORT

  • RAV4

    Engines: 2.0 VVT-iE, 2.5 Hybrid

  • Highlander

    Engines: 2.5 Hybrid

  • Proace City Verso

    Engines: 2.4 D-4D, 2.8 D-4D
  • Proace

    Engines: 1.5 D-4D, 2.0 D-4D
    Grades: BASE, COMFORT
  • Proace Verso

    Engines: 2.4 D-4D, 2.8 D-4D

Confirm your status


  • Organization with its offices and departments
  • Specialized agencies and institutions ILO, UNESCO, ITU…
  • World Bank Group (IBRD) i MMF


  • European Commission , European parliament, European court
  • Their executive offices and institutions ECB, ESC, EPO
  • Their agencies, EMEA, Europol…

Internationally coordinated organizations:

  • NATO
  • OECD
  • ESA
  • VEU
  • European Council

Other International organizations:

  •  CERN
  • Interpol
  • OSCE

*If your organization is not listed above or you wish to check status of your organization, please contact us on ...

Prepare documents

  • Diplomatic passport of ministry of foreign affairs with certificate of accreditation of host country
  • Official passport issued by ministry of foreign affairs with certificate of accreditation of host country
  • Official UN passport or UN – connected organizations
  • Ministerial passport
  • NATO ID Card or official passport
  • ID Card
  • Certificate of reciprocity


Contact us

Sales Team

Our dedicated team will guide you through steps of process. Your time is precious for us also. We formed specially educated team of employees for you. Kind, polite and professional staff will be at your disposal to make this process convenient and prompt and with minimum of your engagement.

  • Our TOYOTA diplomatic sales program allows you to purchase your desired car with all benefits.
  • Prepare your documentation and contact our sales team on location that suites you best
  • Map
  • Our team will professionally guide you through purchase process to the delivery of your future vehicle. 

Frequent questions

To qualify for our diplomatic program you will need a diplomatic passport or ID card of acknowledged international organization and your host country needs to accredit you for the mission on at least one year.

Diplomatic sales gives you the opportunity to purchase vehicle with a privileged price wherever you serve.

Every person with diplomatic status can purchase one vehicle per year through this program. Also, it is not possible to own more than one vehicle purchased trough diplomatic sales program at the same time

Every member of your family have the same conditions if they fulfill diplomatic status and having an accreditation of host country

4 to 6 months. In case that we can offer vehicle that is in arrival and it suits your demands delivery time can be shorter.

Your vehicle will be delivered to you in the showroom in which you signed your contract. At the moment of delivery we will need additional documentation. Our sales team will help you with all information in a proper time.

Our diplomatic sales program will provide tax free for you if you fulfill all conditions. However your protocol department will provide you with all information regarding your tax free status.

We will need deposit in amount of 10% of vehicle price. Total amount has to be paid before delivery.

No, there are no additional expenses exept usual expenses as insurance etc…