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Toyota Casco

The Toyota Casco insurance scheme will provide you with a comprehensive coverage and will pay compensation for collision damages, theft, elemental damages and window damages. There are several different deductible schemes so you can pick out the one that suits your needs best. Window damages can be covered with up to zero deductibles (on demand).

• Rental Car Reimbursement
If your car has suffered collision or elemental damages and must be repaired, your insurance policy can provide you with replacement car, but not more than five
Active settlement of claims
If your vehicle is damaged and must be repaired, Toyota Insurance will handle all related administration. Take your car to a Toyota repair shop and we will take care of both the repairs and the administration to save your time and resources.

• Reimbursement of value as new
If your car is stolen within one year after registration, or if it sustains collision damages so severe that repair would not be feasible (write-off), we will pay you the original purchase price of your vehicle (original receipt required), minus the deductibles (if it is contracted) .

• No obsolescence reimbursement
Within the Toyota Casco scheme, we will use original Toyota parts for all repairs. Unlike other insurance policies, we cover the value difference between the new part and the old, used and replaced part. In this way you benefit from the added value that comes from replacing your old, damaged parts with brand new authentic Toyota parts.

• Winter Tyre offer / Tyre Hotel
We will keep you updated about our current winter tyre offers, and will store your tyres for you.

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